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Investing in property

Investing in property

Investing in property has proven historically to be a great vehicle to grow your wealth and generate income over the longer term.

Here at Landsville we cater to the needs of a variety of different property investors by tailoring House & Land packages to suit their individual needs and budgets.

We work closely with Financial Advisors, Accountants, Investment syndicates and even Immigration agents and provide end to end investment solutions for their clients. If you are a foreign investor please click here to view out dedicated Foreign investment page. Our clients range from sophisticated local and international investors right through to mums and dads buying their very first investment property.

Some benefits of buying a House & Land Package

1. You get 'land content'

Rather than alternative investments, such as apartments where you really are only buying a little bit of air-space and four concrete walls, buying a house and land package allows you to reap all of the benefits of buying a new property but with the added advantage of having invested in land.

2. Investing in land for long term capital growth

Over time, land generally increases in value whereas the physical building themselves actually depreciate or decrease in value over time as they become older.

3. Depreciation (Tax deductions)

Many investors are not aware that they may be eligible for significant taxation deductions if they were to obtain a depreciation schedule from a qualified quantity surveyor. We can recommend a number of options or firms which can assist you to ensure that you invest smart and maximise the deductions that are available to you.

4. Maximising cash flow

By having a brand new property, with low maintenance, this is ideal for renting out to tenants. It makes it easier for them to keep the property well maintained and looking good for years to come. Not only that, it also means you can achieve maximum cash flow returns for your property as newer properties are more desirable for people looking to rent a home.

5. Less ongoing repairs and maintenance

If you purchase an older, established home, you may be shocked when issues arise which may add up to become highly expensive, purely to maintain the property to the standard at which you bought it. By purchasing a brand new home, you will have a structural guarantee and builders warranty to give you peace of mind.

At Landsville we understand that when it comes to investing in property nothing compares to buying solid investments that provide generous cash flow, tax advantages, along with solid long term capital growth through land value appreciation.

Contact the team at Landsville today to help you realise your investment goals today!

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